Ocean ETH Token

The OCEAN token on Ethereum was replaced with a new one. Both tokens have the same name, but different addresses. Info on coingeko – https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ocean-protocol – Koinly is incorrectly grouping both tokens on the dashboard and reporting double the value. To see the problem sync a ETH address with both tokens on it.

Hi, Koinly doesnt create separate coins if a token changes its address. This means that if a token address change results in you having both old and new tokens then you will see twice the number of tokens since you still own the old ones (even if they are no longer tradeable). To fix this you can create a withdrawal manually to get rid of the old tokens.

I added a transaction to remove the lost coins and mark them as lost.
The dashboard still reports the incorrect amount (it is still showing as 2x)
The dashboard is also showing the incorrect purchase price now, as a result of adding the transaction to remove the tokens, messing up my gains / losses.

I have same issue with ocean, I even deleted the transaction but still token amount is double it really messed up my gain/loss because Ocean is my biggest in my portfolio.

Please send an email to [email protected] together with your eth public address. You can also send it in a PM to me.