"New version available" bug persists

This bug persists. The previous thread about this bug was closed months ago despite no one on the thread reporting the bug fixed, nor was the thread idle. It was “automatically” closed 3 hours after the last comment — which sounds to me like it was manually closed.

As others have stated, the bug impacts usability because it obscures other pop-up modals and functions at the bottom of the screen.

Many users on the previous thread were experiencing the bug in Chrome, but I am experiencing it even in the latest Safari.

It doesn’t fill users with confidence that the devs have been working on this bug now for over four months without a solution.

If nothing else, please just move the “new version” modal out of the way. But really, please just fix it.

Just adding that I do not experience this bug in Chrome, for those still experiencing this in Safari. Could be simply that I never used Chrome w/ Koinly in years past and so it’s not polluted with whatever old code snippet or cookie is causing the issue.

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