[Major BUG] - Same Token gets interpreted differently, leads to big problems in Tax Report

Describe the problem:

While doing my taxes I experienced a major Bug with Koinly Parsing the following ERC20 contract:
0x30BCd71b8d21FE830e493b30e90befbA29de9114 - This Token gets traded on Uniswap.

Koinly randomly interprets the Token as “???” or as “:fish:” - with API connection, nothing manually.
This leads to big problems as Koinly Backend seems to think its two different tokens, which obviously is not the case.

Please fix this Bug asap and give me an estimate when its done.
Appreciate it.

green = same token
red = same wallet

==> Shows a transfer between two wallets which gets misinterpreted as Koinly interprets the token differently, randomly.