Koinly isn’t SYNCING Binance

Describe the problem:
Koinly doesnt sync transacions

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Sync two times, so far , didn,t work

Wallet: Binance (Binance)
Transactions: 1
Imported with: API

  1. No crypto withdrawals found
  2. No trades found

Hi Karina, thanks for your message! :wave:t2:

There are some limitations to Binance’s API depending on how you’ve been using your account with them:

I would advise creating the wallet using the CSV files instead to see if this resolves the issue:

Follow these steps to download your Binance data:

  1. Select wallet from the top navigation menu.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select transaction history.
  3. Now select Export Transaction Records.
  4. Under time, select customized. Enter your date range (maximum 12 months).
  5. Select generate. Your statement might take a moment to generate.
  6. Repeat until you have exported your entire transaction history for all past years.

On Koinly:

  1. Create a free account on Koinly
  2. Complete onboarding until you get to the Wallets page and find Binance in the list
  3. Click on it and select “File import” in the import options screen
  4. Upload the files you downloaded from Binance (one at a time) and click on Import
  5. Review your transactions on the Transactions page to ensure everything is tagged correctly and no missing data
  6. Go to the Tax Reports page to view your tax liability!

If this still doesn’t work, please open a ticket with us so we can investigate further. :blush:


I hope that helps!