Koinly is not recognizing my Gala tokens after xfer off exchange

Yesterday, I transferred Gala Games tokens off from Coinbase into Trust wallet.

Koinly is now saying that I have 0 tokens although the transactions are present in the wallet and show that I do indeed have a sizable amount of Gala.

Trust wallet has the coins.

Syncing and re-syncing are not helping.

I have made several transfers in the past month or so without issue.

How can I get Koinly to recognize these coins so that I can be tax compliant - the whole point of using this service.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hi @Jennifer_Purcel,

Great question here and thank you for joining the Discuss community!

Please connect with our support team so that we can help to manually recognize the unsupported Gala tokens. We want you to be able to use the service and know that we have your back!

For a long term solution we definitely have this on our roadmap! I don’t yet have an ETA, though we can send you a notification once the dev team have completed their work. You’ll receive it once Gala has automatic support.

Thank you again for raising this important issue, Jennifer!

Have a wonderful day!