Koinly does not account for Binance 20% cashback (affiliate)

Hey guys, so basically I have the “missing purchase history” thing despite the fact that I’ve synced my latest Binance account.

I believe that it’s because Koinly does not account for the 20% cashback on fees I have. Transactions on Binance are subject to 0.1% fees, but you can sign up using an affiliate link and receive (up to) 20% cashback (on the fees themselves), meaning that the fee is realistically 0.08%. That being said, you are getting the full 0.1% deducted. It’s just that right after, you get 0.02% of the currency back. I am eligible for 20% cashback, and I suspect that it pretty much confuses your system because it then has no clue when the additional funds come from, seeing how the API dictates that it’s the fees are 0.1% and not 0.08% (again, because they really are 0.1%).

I’ve tried looking for a field where I can add that, even Googled for a solution, but came up empty handed. Am I missing something? It’s also not listed among the exchange limitation on your site.

I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one who has run into this issue, seeing how I’m referring to Binance (.com, not US) and not a small exchange, so I figured it’d be worth shooting you a message and inquire about it.


Well, I can only thank the free feature for being available. I was about to pay for a subscription, but seeing how there seems to be no solution, I guess I’ll just go and text other crypto tax apps.


Last bump attempt, seeing how I haven’t explored other options just yet.