Binance API reports correct transaction history, but Koinly doesn't show the right ones?

So the API for Binance shows my transaction history accurately, and when I even tried to upload the CSV it said that the transactions were duplicates. The problem is Koinly reports zero coins at all…

This is very confusing since I can clearly see the transactions in the transaction history (from the API). I’ve tried redoing the wallet, resyncing from beginning, adding CSV, etc and nothing causes Koinly to report it accurately (again, despite showing the correct transactions).

I even have the accounts that purchased and sent the coins synced and they have been showing the accurate numbers (currently 0 since they were sent to Binance).

Am I missing a setting to fix this, or what is going on? Please and thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ll add that now the only other wallet I have an issue with is the Poloniex API reports the accurate amount of interest earned from lending BCH, but again Koinly doesn’t show this.