Is Cosmos supported or not? Someone level with me

I truly can’t tell right now if Cosmos is supported. There are posts from Koinly support going back two full years saying that support is coming. And posts from users from 6 months ago saying it’s still not implemented.

And if you type in “Cosmos” to the add-wallet screen, two results come up. The first one ‘Cosmos (ATOM)’ throws an error right after I give it my cosmos public key and will not sync.

The second option, ‘Cosmostation Wallet’, just gives generic irrelevant instructions about xpub keys.

Can someone tell me definitively what’s going on with Cosmos?

Just to clarify for everyone, Cosmos (ATOM) was integrated sometime in the past, but it also broke sometime in the past, and is now totally non-functional. The wallet-sync will error out with ‘404 Not Found’ after providing your public key.

Koinly support said they (and engineering) are aware of it, which historically means we have no idea if it will be fixed soon, or eight months from now.

Hi @PayingUser,

Thank you for reaching out about this and helping us to better clarify!

We do have support for both Cosmos (ATOM) and Cosmostation.

Our integrations pages for Cosmos (ATOM) and Cosmostation will have directive steps to either sync or import transaction data into the wallets. We’ll have written and video guidance to follow along with. :raised_hands:

If anyone has an issue through the process, please do connect with our support team! We’re happy to help at any step.

Thank you again, PayingUser, for shining a light on this! Have an awesome day everyone. :sparkles:

Michael — thanks, the process is intuitive enough for experienced users: just paste in your Cosmos public address. The real issue appears to be a bug that your team says they’re aware of called,

Cosmos API: Error "[404] 404 Not Found nginx/1.18.0

That bug is what led me to write this post and wonder if Cosmos had ever actually been integrated.

Got a notification from Koinly support that Cosmos import has been fixed. I haven’t gotten into it yet to verify that it all works as expected, but the API import does seem to be working.

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