Cosmos (atom) missing

can’t locate this blockchain on your site


also dash does not seem to sync, and tezos doesn’t seem to either

Cosmos is not supported atm, please create a Feature Request if you would like to see it. As for Dash and Tezos, you should be seeing some error on them on the Wallets page. Most likely you entered incorrect addresses.

ok thanks. will try feature request. also tezos and dash have a bit different format for the xpub address… is there a particular way to enter those? i first tried the address without xpub in front, then with it in front of the address. no success either way

Has a feature request been raised for Atom / Cosmos since the original query last July?
I’m new to Koinly and working my way through all the stragglers after linking exchanges and wallets, the Kepler wallet does not allow for downloading of transaction history but my transfer of Atom from Binance has obviously been picked up.


Hi, disappointing to see ATOM missing! How are we supposed to complete taxes with the #30 Coin in Coingecko missing?

Also please add support for Kava addresses.

Im looking for COSMOs support as well…


Also looking for Cosmos support. Preferably with the Keplr wallet

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+1 Also looking for Cosmos support.

+1 please add Cosmos support (specifically related to Trust Wallet).

Hey everyone!

We are doing our best to have Cosmos support rolled out in December, along with FTM, Terra, AVAX and Celo integrations.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly and you’ll be able to sync your transactions on those chains soon! :slight_smile:

Best regards,