How can i tell Koinly that a Steemit Account is mine? (how to add Steem Wallet in Koinly)

Hi there!

I transferred cryptocurreny Steem from an exchange to my steem wallet account on
How can i tell Koinly that this steemit account is my own and that it was an internal transfer?

When i put in ‘add wallet’ in Koinly and search for Steem, there is no result.
I can ‘create custom steem wallet’, but there i have only option to import data. But on the steemit Wallet there is no option to export data.

So Koinly thinks i sold my coins and gotta pay big taxes, but it was internal transfer.
How can i fix this?
Thanks so much

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?
I can’t

Oh, i have the same problem with Factom fct

I’m kind of in the same boat. I bought Steem via Binance. I seem to recall I had to send the Steem to From there I placed it in my Steem wallet and staked it all into STEEMPOWER. Once it was staked, I started getting gifted small amounts. I’ve since powered down, and it’s all back to Steem. I was going to enter some of the entries from, and the staking/gifting manually.
I have to repeat the process for HIVE, as the timing got me a free forkful of HIVE.

Thanks! How did you enter entries manually?

I can click ‘add wallet’ and then ‘make custom steem wallet’ - but then i can only import xls? How do i get the xls? Steem wallet cannot export anything, factom wallet also not. Even if i write my own xls, how do i tell Koinly that the wallet i sent to is this one, mine? Oh, perhaps have same transaction amount and time, then he will find it as an internal transfer?

Ok, i got my solution from support (thanks):

Hi there, apologies for the delay in response, we’ve been experiencing a surge in tickets lately. You will have to add a custom steemit wallet and import your details using CSV files. Could you try getting in touch with their support to check if they’ll be able to help you with your complete transaction history files? If yes, then it’d be easier to import those details. Alternatively, you can create a custom CSV file for those transactions and import it instead.

Once you’ve imported your details from Steemit, you need to find the withdrawal and deposit transactions and merge them. This will make sure you don’t realize any gains on it.

How to create a custom CSV file with your data