How to handle STEPN?

The Move2Earn Game STEPN has two Wallet types: SPENDING and WALLET.
I can only look into my WALLET (and see the transactions)

So, when I transfer 13 SOL from Binance → STEPN WALLET → STEPN SPENDING and buy 1 NFT for 10 SOL, ans Transfer back from STEPN SPENDING → STEPN WALLET.
The 2 SOL are just missing.

I currently found no good solution, how to insert that bought NFT. Any ideas?

Hi @Dreak183 ,

Great question actually, with all those new “2earn” crypto apps, we will have to keep finding creative solutions to address those :slight_smile:

In Koinly it isn’t really possible to add sub-wallets, nor is it very relevant to your tax purposes or reports we can generate for you.

So in this case, what we would suggest at the moment is transposing the transactions that take place on the “STEPN SPENDING” onto the “STEPN WALLET”.

In practice, in your case, this would mean removing the 13 SOL withdrawal from the STEPN WALLET and adding in its stead a trade of 10 SOL to this NFT.

I am adding article here regarding adding transactions and NFT trades:

If you have any troubles doing so, do not hesitate to contact [email protected] , we will have someone look into your account and guide you through :smiley:


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