Coinbase not syncing BTC data value

Describe the problem:

When my Coinbase wallet is syncing, I’m showing a 0 balance on BTC. I tried to do a full sync and resync but it still shows a 0 balance. My transactions in Koinly are correct and shows a balance there but the sync with Coinbase is showing a 0 balance.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?


How did you import data into this wallet?


What have you tried to fix this so far?

Resync wallet from beginning. Sync.


Had identical problem of Coinbase BTC balance not showing while the transactions did. Started a few days ago after a re-sync. I also tried re-syncing from beginning. After that failed, I made the mistake of deleting the wallet and re-adding it. Now none of the Coinbase BTC transactions show at all. Do not delete the wallet as part of self-troubleshooting on this.


Glad I’m not the only one at least who is having this issue at least. I was very tempted to delete the Wallet but glad I didn’t.

Same problem here. I deleted Coinbase for other reasons and now my BTC wallet data does not sync. Other wallets are syncing fine.

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Update: I thought I would transfer to Coinbase Pro and back to see if it would update the transaction. It did on Coinbase Pro but then messed up because Coinbase didn’t sync the transaction back. This causes further issues because now it thinks that is a deposit and withdrawal because it doesn’t see the transfer on the other side. This needs fixed ASAP! Koinly needs to get on this. I may need to move to another product entirely if not because this isn’t accurate enough right now.

Yes, same thing. If I just want to see the value of the BTC, I can move the BTC from Coinbase to to Coinbase Pro, whose API is still syncing correctly to Koinly. But with none of the BTC transaction history from Coinbase, where I bought BTC for both holding and sending to other exchanges to trade for BTC-paired altcoins, the gains/loss tax info is totally incorrect. I luckily hadn’t purchased the tax package yet, but with the 2020 extension deadline looming, I am now looking at other products to use, since there’s been no response from Koinly.

Having the same issue. Transactions are showing fine but my BTC balance is showing 0 and “does not match what I actually have in the wallet”. BUMP.

I use coinbase pro for everything and am also having trouble withe my coinbase transactions not showing up as expected. I can see the transaction from coinbase pro to coinbase when withdrawing to cold storage, but Koinly is not picking up that the coinbase wallet in between coinbase pro and my hardware wallet is mine.

I re-synced everything to no avail.

Shame i didn’t see that advice before i deleted my wallet. Hopefully Koinly will fix it soon.

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