Cardano ADA Rewards in seperate wallet

When staking ADA on AdaLite your rewards goes to a seperate wallet somehow tied to your address.

Who is “responsible” to make this “melt together” so that ALL ADA will be at the report?

Is it:

  1. Cardano community who needs to code something so we can add a string/address into Koinly
  2. Koinly adding a way to look up staking rewards because it’s easy to see any addresses rewards

The Cardano system itself also allows to see when any address got the rewards:

Hi, can you try adding the address that you are receiving awards in to Koinly (this will be separate from your main wallet)

That’s the thing, i don’t think that’s possible, no one have access to the address for the reward wallet in Cardano ecosystem. But it is linked with the main address somehow.

Ok so is this something that Koinly going to look up?
Because the reward wallet in Cardano (ADA) ecosystem is hidden or non existing (a special wallet).

They made a system with a reward wallet because they wanted to remove a lot of small transactions in the blockchain. A good idé, but it defiantly makes it harder to follow the tax laws…

But for Koinly it should be fairly simple to add a code that include the rewards because the address thats being added also contains the info about all rewards.

Is there any news about this?

I made an request on pooltool for a feature for CSV, and someone added a code string as suggestion. Perhaps this is something you can use for your systems instead?

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Hi, we can certainly look into this. Please PM me your cardano public address so we can test with it.

It doesn’t seem I’m allowed to send PM’s because i can’t find any way at all to do it. Can you PM me first? I might be able to reply

I still can’t message you on this forum, not allowed or something.

Anyway, more people here wanting the same:

Add me to the list as well, I have tried to add Cardano rewards wallet with its stake address stake1… however it shows 0 coins after sync. Cardano chain browser shows a non-zero amount.

We will be adding support for this in the coming days.

Is ADA rewards something you already dealt with in koinly? If so would it be a matter of just simply adding another wallet?

Does anyone know if this has been resolved? I have the same problem with ADA staking balance. Thanks

Any update with ADA staking support yet?

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