Binance(US) - unknown binance Operation 'Buy'

Describe the problem:
I’m trying to import the Transaction History report from Binance(US) into Koinly and I get a ton of errors that say: unknown binance Operation ‘Buy’

All of the data looks valid, so I don’t understand:

"Row #87":{
	"Time":"2021-07-14 05:47:15.941"

What’s going on here? Is this a known issue?

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?
Transaction History report CSV

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Deleting old wallet and recreating

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I’m having this same issue with Binance.US csv files.
Errors for all transactions purchased with Binance’s built in “buy”/“sell” function.
This is different from “spot trading”.

Hello? Does anyone work at Koinly anymore?

Hi @dropdx and @Goopy6,

Thank you both for your patience with us, and my apologies for the delay in response!

The issue was brought to our attention recently, and it seems to stem from a change in wording from Binance(US). Fortunately, there is a workaround, which involves ‘renaming’ those ‘unknown operations’ as such:

Open the CSV file and filter and replace all listed operations with ‘reward’ (no ’ ’ are required):

  1. Staking Rewards
  2. Simple Earn Flexible Interest
  3. Simple Earn Locked Rewards
  4. Simple Earn Flexible Airdrop
  5. Swap Farming Rewards
  6. BNB Vault Rewards
  7. Liquidity Farming Rewards
  8. DOT Slot Auction Rewards

Something noteworthy to mention here is that it’s best not to mix import methods, so either a) sync via API, or b) import your CSV files. Please note that although you set the API, you haven’t triggered the syncing process (you have to click on sync - the wallet also shows the indication ‘synced never’ to warn you).

The errors you will still be receiving can be ignored , as we will be skipping those rows anyway(internal transfers), once our dev team has updated our importer.

Speaking of which. Our dev team has this fix planned on their roadmap. If those with a Binance(US) or Binance account are experiencing this issue and would like to be notified once the fix is ready to go, please connect with our support team to make that request.

Distinguish which Binance(US)/Binance you use to the support member so we can send you the correct notification. :raised_hands:

Thank you all again for your patience, and have an awesome day! :sparkles:

I tried this fix but the transactions are still failing to load. I know you said to ignore the errors but the data is not being loaded into your system because the transactions are not recognized at all with the buy function or the reward function under “category” column

It’s “operation” column containing “buy” that’s causing the issue. I don’t have any of the transactions listed above in my history and I’m getting the same issue. All of my transactions are daily buys with cash.

I found a fix that’s annoying but works. Maybe this will help the devs adjust Koinly’s import mechanism.

I selected all cells with the term “buy” under the “category” column. I then moved the associated rows to a new sheet. I replaced the term “buy” under the “category” column with “spot trading”. I then swapped the data for columns: “Realized_Amount_For_Base_Asset” and “Realized_Amount_For_Quote_Asset” as well as “Base_Asset” and “Quote_Asset”. I imported these transactions as a separate file, and they worked fine.