Binance ETH -> BETH -> ETH

Describe the problem:
I took my ETH and staked at Binance, meaning that i got the equivalent in BETH (Binance wrapped ETH). Recently due to all CEX instability i converted it back to ETH to move to a hardware wallet.

Unfortunately Koinly does not seem to recognize this conversions (probably due to Binance API),

And since i dont have BETH anymore it thinks i have sold it.

So it states that i am missing purchase history for BETH, and i can see my BETH → ETH, conversion to ETH results in a profit!?

I probably need to manually create a transaction that tells ETH → BETH

But i am unsure how to do it, even after reading the documentation.


Which exchange/wallet is this regarding? Binance

How did you import data into this wallet? I used the new Binance API, after deleting previous API import.

What have you tried to fix this so far? I was trying to create a manual transaction, but i am unsure what to write on the fields

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