Anchor Protocol, Balanced Network, VET/VTHO

Hi, requesting support for Anchor Protocol (LUNA, and Balanced Network (ICX, Also, the bonded/wrapped/etc coins and liquidity tokens do not have a price, making my portfolio balances inaccurate. Finally I am requesting support for monitoring of constantly added rewards in VTHO, which are generated constantly throughout the day. Holding VET in a wallet will earn you VTHO as a drip, which Koinly just gives an error because it seems to only read transactions, and there is not one associated with VTHO generation.

Because Koinly can already support the ICX wallet, it reads all of my transactions on the ICX blockchain, however Koinly doesn’t recognize sICX (staked ICX which should be the same price as ICX), bnUSD (Balanced Stablecoin), and BALN (liquidity token). Koinly also doesn’t monitor my fluctuating bnUSD/sICX balance in the liquidity pool, making it hard to monitor.

Also there is no wallet support for LUNA blockchain wallet, so I’m having to enter everything in manually. With Anchor Protocol, also no support for bLUNA (bonded LUNA, which again should be the same price as LUNA). Also, when depositing coins into the savings account as UST, you earn a constant APR, which would be nice if Koinly could monitor (similar to constantly earning VTHO in the VET wallet).