Wildly off figures in my home screen?

Hi, so every time I log into koinly, the figures in the dash board are off by alot. It says I still have coins I don’t, have more of others I do not have and will change what I have and haven’t bought each time I log in without me adding and deleting anything.

This problem seems to mainly be with binance

I tried with API to begin with. This was even more buggy, so I deleted the API and manually imported the data via CSV files. It didn’t seem to make a difference.

So I have added all exchanges data, etc I could think I have used. Not sure what else to try. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hi, Koinly imports data automatically from your connected wallets which may be why you see new transactions. Make sure you haven’t added any public addresses that don’t actually belong to you, you can also look at your transaction history page to to see recent transactions.

As for binance, usually API works best. We dont support a few things that you can do on Binance, most common is purchases with fiat. These have to be added manually.