Terra Station - Api returned 502 bad gateway (502)

Describe the problem:
When trying to sync TerraStation wallet, getting an error that says API returned 502 bad gateway

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
I have been trying to resync the wallet for the last couple of hours. If I got the error, I would delete the wallet and try again.

I am also facing the same sync error.

Hey @Christopher_Coleman :wave:

Could you please contact us via Livechat so we can take a look at the wallet and troubleshoot the error for you?

For now, you can obtain CSV files of your trades from www.stake.tax and import this instead whilst the connection is working again. :+1:

If we previously used the API from trackterra for 2021 and some of 2022 and then use a stake.tax CSV import to fill in the remainder of 2022 will that lead to any issues or is that the preferred method to update?

Further update: Trackterra seems to be down (our API provider) so the issue is not on our end.

Please standby for updates, in the meantime use CSV imports as mentioned in prev reply. :+1:

Thanks for the update! When I create a CSV import, it looks like the total number of rows is different than when I create a CSV from Finder.Terra.Money. Would you recommend one or the other? Just want to make sure that I’m getting this to be as accurate as possible.

Additionally, it doesn’t look like Stake.Tax includes all tokens, such as Psi. Is this something that Koinly is aware of?


I have the same problem - only days left til the return deadline. Can you please update if anyone’s trying to fix this?

Hey @Kagan_Sen @Christopher_Coleman

As mentioned in the previous post, the error is with our provider and we can only await updates from them.

I will have a chat with the team internally regarding the missed tokens with stake.tax and get back to you. It may be that we need to account for these tokens manually, but hoping that’s not the case. :+1:

Hi @patrickdaj,

You’re spot on that is the way to go for the moment. To avoid any duplicate issues, have the date of API imports stop when the CSV from stake.tax begins.

If you have any issues in the process, please connect with our support team. We’re happy to help!

Have an awesome day, all!