Tax Report wrong (Germany)


my question is similar to this one: Germany Tax report 1 year holdings
Anakin said “Yes, we do support Germany’s tax system as long as you set your account to Germany. These settings will automatically take over.”
The problem is that I made some gains (bought crypto years ago, sold it 2022). In germany you don’t have to pay taxes for it, because you held it for longer than 1 year. Unfortunately the tax report in Koinly does not consider this.
My country in the settings is set to germany.

What can I do about this?

Thanks in advance!

Hello there @Chrisbi :wave:

We do track short and long-term holdings. This is categorised in the Complete Tax Report and Capital Gains report.

Koinly however, does not apply the discount, your accountant would apply this.

So yes, if your settings are set for Germany, Koinly will categorise your holdings by short/long term.

I hope that helps.

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Just to make it clear: The summary in the section “tax reports” (Capital gains / P&L) is not the same when I get the complete tax report. Correct me if I’m wrong.
I just wanted to be sure to get a proper report if I decide to buy it from Koinly.

Thank you!

I’m also interested to know if the report is accurate before purchasing it form Koinly. Further, how can I see which coins in my possession are held for longer than one year in order to sell them tax-free?

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