Germany Tax report 1 year holdings

Germany has its unique taxing system. If you hold more than a year then the capital gain is tax free. I have both long term (more than a year) and short term capital gains and I don’t know if Koinly appreciate it. Does Koinly support it?



Hi did you mean the section Gains in Koinly, so in case you transfer between coins this will be set as an income and you can see it under the section GAINS. After all i guess you need to pay tax for your under 1 year gains.

Hi @Alexander_Ha
Thanks for reply. I mean in the tax report. In Germany the gains more than a year is tax free. And tax must be paid for the trades within a year. I have hodlings from 2017/8 and also trades in 2020/21 which are now mixed.
CoinTracking has a feature that you can set the tax free duration but Koinly does not talk about it at all.

My question is: does Koinly consider all long an short term gains in tax report menu as taxable gains or distinguish between them by default?