Support for Radix and Ethereum Proof of Work

Can we get support to track addresses on the Radix and Ethereum Proof of Work chains?

You can vote for Radix (XRD) integration here: Radix (DeFi) | Integration requests (public) | Koinly

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Hey Josiah,

Thanks for reaching out to us with your feedback!

We already have a feature request available for both Ethereum Proof of Work and Radix - and I think adding these will be a fantastic integration to our platform. You can find and upvote these integration requests on the following links:

To everyone that would like to see support for either two, please add your vote to these Canny links. The more users that let us know their interest in the feature, increases the chance to expedite it.

At this time I don’t have an ETA, though once you add your vote you’ll be notified when it’s ready to go!

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