Stargrazer wallet not supported

You need to support Stargazer Wallet. It’s going to e handling alot of transactions. As it’s feeless buying and moving around ethereum within the Wallet

Hi @Mark_Bryan,

Pardon this long overdue welcome to the Discuss community!

I can’t thank you enough for signaling about this! You may already be aware if you received a notification on this, but our dev team has just completed their work on this important integration for the Constellation network!

Constellation (DAG) has now been added to Koinly!

You can now sync your transactions seamlessly simply by inputting your DAG address :slight_smile:

We appreciate you ringing that bell and please let us know on our feedback page of any other integrations or features you’d like to see in Koinly! Some may already be on our roadmap. When you add your vote to anything of interest to you, you’ll receive a notification once it’s ready to go!

Thank you again, Mark. :raised_hands:

Have a wonderful day!

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