Add Elrond (EGLD) wallet - Maiar

Can you please add support for the Elrond (EGLD) wallet - Maiar
EGLD is blowing up and adding huge numbers of features.

+1 Add Elrond wallet

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For maiar wallet, no transactions were imported.


help please

Same please. I used the EGLD wallet address, but it doesn’t seem to recognize my transactions, even though I can see them under transactions. Balance is incorrect. Thanks!

Any update on this yet?

Hi all,

We do have support for Elrond (EGLD) so you should be able to sync your Maiar wallets using your public address.
We are not currently able to sync staking rewards but that should be the only transaction type that needs to be added manually.

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Please add also support for staking, because it’s hard for us to see what it’s our profit or loss. For example, for me it’s appearing that I’m on negative balance due to the fact that I have all my coins staked, and it’s not ok.


And how should I exactly tag the staking transaction as?

Staking rewards can be tagged as ‘Reward’.

Transfers to and from the staking pool are not needed and will be ignored by Koinly. If your wallet is reporting an incorrect balance due to coins being staked then you can open the API settings and enable the option ‘Ignore reported balances’.

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