SCRT Sync not working

I have been recieving this error below for about 4 days now in a row. This used to work and I can verify the API is working for other services on the scrt network so I assume this is on Koinly’s side.

“api returned 502 bad gateway (502), try again later”

I too want to flag this. This API used to work and now isn’t - just in time for Tax Season :sleepy:

Same here, Secret Network sync is not working anymore

Hi All!

Thank you for your extreme patience with us! We wanted to signal that this API issue has been fixed and the syncs for SCRT are working!

This issue has now been fixed. Cosmos, Kava, Osmo, CRO, SCRT wallets can all be synced normally now. :raised_hands:


If anyone is continuing to experience sync issues, please delete the wallet and recreate it to properly sync.

Thank you and have a lovely day!

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