Realized / Unrealized Gains Breakdown for Individual Coins

Hi, I’m requesting a breakdown within the dashboard for each coin to show both unrealized gains and realized gains. Currently under each coin’s dropdown, it shows “Total Cost” “Cost/unit” “Total Value” and “Gains”. What is misleading is that “Gains” is actually Unrealized Gains = Total Value - Total Cost. I don’t believe any actual profit or loss from selling coins is included in this number.

Similar to how Realized and Unrealized Gains are separated on the upper dashboard, it would be useful to know the current realized gains of coins versus the value of the coins I currently hold.

+1 - how do we view realized gains, other than manually scrubbing through transactions and adding?

I assume as new transactions come in (that may effect ACB) these gains get recalculated every time - but seeing the real time realized gain/loss with current data will help us know if we should be planning to realize losses to offset for the current tax year.

+1 here
This is essential to keep of our general income and to plan accordingly for tax purposes.