Dashboard right column

I previously posted this under Kucoin Support by mistake

The right column is total nonsense to me. It shows I have coins I no longer own and huge amounts in “breakdown” that I can’t make any sense of? The graph part in the middle seems to be right and accurate but everything else incl the Tax Report is on the moon so to speak showing I made huge Cap Gains while the graph in the chart on the dashboard shows a negative Unrealized Gains for year 2021, which would be accurate I think?.
I’ve been panicking bc I’m late filing but I’m calming down now that I’ve accepted the doom possibility of being audited.
Any help with this would much appreciated thx in advance

Long story short;
The cost basis, total value and unrealized gains showing in the center graph on the dashboard are the only things that make any sense and looks perfectly accurate to me. Everything and I mean everything else incl the tax report is total nonsense. And I paid a shittonne of $ for this service and I feel I’ve been scammed badly.

That’s called a metric shit ton for you Imperialists : ) Stay happy

Also I’m not college graduate computer programmer or accountant cuz If I was why would I be paying almost a months rent to use Koinly?