Pricing strategy - Portfolio settings

What is the difference between “Market price of trusted coins” V1 and V2.

For the UK, what should I set it as?

According to another post available at, just change to V2 and forget it…seems like some kind of internal optimisation mechanism irrelevant to tax authorities.

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Hi @Paul_K1 and @kostkond,

Welcome to the Discuss community, Paul!

We appreciate you posting, and many thanks to, kostkond! Thank you for shining a light to help others. :raised_hands: You’re spot on with the directive.

For others with this question and experiencing this issue, the difference between the V1 and V2 pricing strategies is minor and is unlikely to have any effect on the account.

Version 2 is an improved strategy that better handles some specific edge cases. We would recommend that everyone switch to V2, but the difference is minor and only affects specific transactions.

Once you change to V2, this setting will disappear. :sparkles:

Thank you both for contributing here, and have a beautiful day!

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