Parent staking key support for Cardano / wallet rollup

Currently, you need to import every single address for your Cardano Wallets which is not ideal user experience. With Cardano, a new wallet address is usually generated for every transaction meaning you could have hundreds of addresses to import, and it’s easy to miss one.

Cardano wallets have a single staking key associated with them from which it is very easy to find all associated address. Please support importing a single Cardano address which finds all associated addresses from the parent staking key.

I’m happy to advise your team on the technical aspects of this, feel free to reach out.

Also, I think staking rewards should also be included, but there is another feature request for this already.

Absolutely agree on this, tracking ADA is a nightmare on Koinly.


Bump ! Im not sure if any software has this figured out yet, but the way cardano wallets generates new address’s for every transaction makes this a nightmare.


Bump. Having to manually add a new wallet in Koinly for every transaction I do on the Cardano network is just a nightmare. Surely there is a better way of handling this?

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any update on this? looks like there seem to be no official response from koinly yet?


I’m interested in an official response on this too!

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+1 - from me too. Cardano / ADA in Koinly is not fit for purpose as it stands.

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Completely necessary for Cardano holders to consider Koinly.
I tried using @janak_patel 's workaround using a dummy account, but it was not enough to handle Koinly identifying partial transactions as transfers, which cannot be split. For example, here there was another destination address for the remaining ADA, but I’m stuck with a 100ADA transfer fee:

just responding to keep the dream alive

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I agree. Is there a better way to link to Daedalus and Ledger/Trezor wallets for ADA?

Any update from the Koinly team on better for support for ADA wallets? With smart contracts live now it will also be necessary to track Cardano Native Tokens.

unfortunately nothing!