More time options on dashboard (See further into the past)

The dashboard lets you choose between This Year, Last Year, Last 1 Year etc. My first transactions are in 2017, so it would be incredibly useful to have more options here.

Most importantly, there should be an “All” option. It would be useful to choose individual years as well.

Would also be great if the chart showed hourly values when the Last 7 Days option is selected.

Hi, the dashboard is undergoing a revamp so you will be able to select the dates you want to see more info on once the update is live.

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I’d like to add my support to this request. In particular, it would be useful to have as additional time period options:

  • All time
  • Tax year to date (taking into account UK peculiarities)
  • Previous tax and calendar years
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yeah seeing the financial year rather than only the calendar yeah would be way more helpful.

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Couldn’t agree more!!

e.g. UK Tax 6th April - 6th April!

Much more useful!