Missing Purchase history for NFTs

I have multiple NFTs that have a missing purchase history on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Those are all related to imported MetaMask wallets.

Since the outgoing transactions are API-related, I cannot change the cost basis (which would be the easiest way to solve it tax-wise).
Also I cannot add the specific NFT token since I cannot find the respective ID.

What is an easy way to solve this?

Have you checked our NFT article? You need to assign a value to the NFTs - see the guide below!

Let me know if anything is unclear.

Thanks for the reply Ali,
the issue is that I can’t add specific NFT tokens.
Similar to this article: https://help.koinly.io/en/articles/5742771-how-to-add-nft-trades-manually-using-placeholders

I don’t know how the nomenclature works.
It shows for example: SPTPZ #21729 (this works either with the “SPTPZ” or the contract address, both leading to the same roadblock).
But If my token isn’t within the first couple of suggestions it doesn’t let me go on further since all suggestions disappear after typing another character after “SPTPZ”, it’s not space, it’s not “#”, it’s not the number directly.
Hence I can’t add any arbitrary token identifier

My current workaround is to use a wrong token ID with the correct txn-hash and a note.
All whilst deleting the API-txns related to this token.

Feels neither correct and is also not every pretty.

@Max4 Ah understood, yes placeholder tokens would be best in this case.

We are working on improving the NFT support as whole, and hopefully the ID’ing/Selecting of NFTs is vastly improved.

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