Missing Purchase History NFT Project


I’m getting an error that says I’m missing the purchase history for a significant amount of SOL for about a 45-day period. However, all the money was generated from selling NFTs. Is it correct to assume that it’s all considered income, and that I don’t need to fix the purchase history? (I’m in the United States)

Or because of the significant price changes, do I need to find when the specific SOL was acquired? We only sold NFTs on 2 dates, and the amount made from secondary sales was small. If I need to find when it was acquired, could I just enter a single transaction for all the SOL on one of the mint dates?

Thank you so much for your help.

Hi @great_bambino, You could correct the missing purchase history by manually entering a deposit transaction for the SOL received on each of the 2 NFT sale dates. This would give your SOL a cost base that is reasonably close to what it would be if you entered a tx for each individual NFT sale/SOL acquisition on those 2 dates.

Were your NFT sale transactions also missed?

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