How to get separate Reward Costs in tax report, to offset against Income not Capital Gains?

In Koinly when I have Rewards and Costs associated with those Rewards, I know Koinly produces two separate transactions and adds the values in two separate accounts (or totals) in my Koinly tax report, one for Rewards and one for Costs.

However, as Rewards are treated as miscellaneous income in the UK, and in my situation I can subtract those Costs from my income, I need to know the total Costs from just Rewards, Koinly sums up all the Costs, whether associated with Income or Capital Gains. Would I have to go through every single Cost and see what it relates to, or is there something I’m missing?

Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to Link (not Merge) Costs to specific Transactions (or even just label the Cost i.e. Reward Cost). So in the case of a Reward, Koinly knows that Cost is related to Income, so in the tax report it can list Expense Costs for Income and Capital Gains separately?

Hi @supes

Unfortunately, we do not have the feature to separate reward costs from the Capital Gains costs and you may need to manually do this. You can also manually label these costs as “margin fee”.

This, however, can be added as a feature request on our Canny page.

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