FTX Derivatives are a challenge to Koin.ly

Describe the problem:

My FTX (margin derivates tokens futures) experience:

API does not work for FTX beyond simple trades, you won’t be told this on the instruction page.
When asked, Koin.ly support cannot tell you what files are needed or what exactly needs to be reviewed that the API cannot offer. Please provide a work instruction to manually process or confirm it’s not possible.

Support will advise you to import using csv.

Importing transactions:
Koin.ly does not maintain the list of FTX derivates in their list of coins for FTX. This means the derivates will not be imported correctly by csv. This seems to include all futures and perps.
Koin.ly seems to take a shortcut and abbreviates the contract to the first few letters. This approximation tends to identify the underlying however it gets it wrong. It doesn’t identify the transaction correctly with labels or allocate data correctly.

Importing using a custom CSV might be possible but I’m not certain, I’ve been going in circles on this.

None of this is either explained or warned on the FTX page.

Having spent many hours at this I’m very frustrated.

Additional learnings:
CSV files for interest are not recognised and need to be mapped. I’m currently waiting on support to advise
CSV files for funding rates are not recognised and need to be mapped. I’m currently waiting on support to advise
Sub accounts: Understandably this is not a common feature. My approach to force them into Koin.ly has been to keep FTX as a single wallet. I’ve removed the inter wallet deposits and withdrawals and combined the trades, funding and interest files to simplify.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding? FTX

How did you import data into this wallet? csv

What have you tried to fix this so far? This project has been ongoing since January for me and has consumed many hours so far.

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Hey - I feel your pain here. I am going through the same exercise myself. Have you managed to come to an workable workaround? Cheers,