Cannot set FIFO -- Internal Error

Setting my account to FIFO generates an INTERNAL ERROR and does not work.

maybe I should add that there are > 3000 transactions in my account, and that this error still happens after doing a ‘Delete Cache’

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Same here. I get the same INTERNAL ERROR on my end.

Any help from the Koinly team?

I sent an email to the support staff as well with no response yet.

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I get the same “INTERNAL ERROR” when trying to change the base currency from SEK to USD on the same settings panel in order to be able to do reconciliations with the original exchange data. I also have more than 3,000 trades and deleting the cache did not help.

I also get the same “INTERNAL ERROR” if I change the country setting from Sweden to United States in an attempt to circumvent the problem.

Just a guess, but they may have locked in the settings for the tax reports to the tax requirements for your country, or a recent release have broken the settings on this panel, since I have done these changes previous years without any problem.