Can you add the possibility to export ALL Koinly's transactions as a CSV?

All is in the title. I’m worried if Koinly disappear…

Not only that. But assume you have importet data by API and the exchange or the wallet does not support that information any more (e.g. some exchanges only deliver information about the last three months) then it would be good to have a private backup of the information used by Koinly. There’s always the possibility that something goes wrong.


Thats Ironic, I posted the exact same feature request. Other competitors are starting to implement this.

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This is a must have.

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You can do this by downloading the Transaction Report for each year, we will look into adding a combined report as well.


One of your competitors offers a really handy feature, once you load / compile all your exchanges and wallets and sync all your accounts, you are then able to export all those finalized synced transactions into a CSV file.

This would be an extremely useful feature in addition to a final report.
Your competitors are starting to implement this feature.


This is a must have. I probably have a hundred hours into data entry on this site and while Koinly seems stable and permanent, it would be nice to have a backup of all of these entries.



There are some information that is not exported when you download the Transaction Report of each year, like the sending address, the receiving address, the transaction hash…

Could you add it, please?

It could ge great to be add the possibility to export the transactions of only one of the accounts to edit manually in excel and later reimport them. When you have a huge amount of tx and need to bulk edit them, using the interface is not powerful enough.


Would it be possible when exporting the transactions as CSV to specify the output format.
For instance, for my shares, I use cgtcalculator ( ), so I need to send the aggregate info for shares and cryptos to the taxman every year. Until now I was doing that manually (painful). Now that I use koinly merging the two data sets is really difficult.

Would it be possible to export the koinly dataset as cgtcalculator like compatible?
(i.e. as BUY or SELL , DATE , CryptoName , Quantity, Unit Price (GBP), Fees (GBP)


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I’m looking for where to download a “Transaction Report” but I don’t see that option anywhere. Does this only show up after you have a paying account? I’m hoping I can export data from this account and import it into a separate business account.

I’d like to see this as well please, download the transactions by wallet and using the filter.

Seems to be an obvious feature that’s missing.

If you go into “tax report” at the top and then at the bottom of that page their is a button “Download Report”

You need to Buy a Plan these are $49 for under 100 transactions per year

Seems a little excessive