BUSD to AUD calculation drastically incorrect

Describe the problem:
When showing calculation of BUSD as a value in AUD (Australia Dollars, fiat) it is calculating it drastically wrong. US$1 is currently worth A$1.29, but Koinly is showing a withdrawal of BUSD$380.394557 as being worth A$225.56. For reference, at today’s fiat exchange rates, US$380.39 is worth $490.25. This is heavily-snowing my realised gains, calculating that I have a far greater profit than I do. It doesn’t make sense that I am seeing any profit when swapping BUSD to another token. It should be neutral.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?

What have you tried to fix this so far?
I can’t see any way to fix it

Actually it’s not specific to BUSD I think. I think all calculations from USD to AUD are currently wrong, because I edited the value of Net Worth of BUSD to be worth exactly the same as the BUSD amount, and it got the AUD value completely wrong. It’s not like it’s doing the calculation the wrong way around or something. It must have the USD to AUD conversion rate totally wrong.

It was actually partially my mistake. It was calculating BUSD cost-basis from a manual transaction I submitted swapping BNB to BUSD. I put too much BUSD and so it was spreading it across too many transactions based on the value of the BNB I stated I used to purchase the BUSD. I think Binance has removed the BUSD/BNB pair or something because I have all of those BUSD I purchased that’s not on my transaction history, but thankfully I put most-of in my own log (unfortunately missed logging 1 x token purchase and everything that lead up to it, hence the confusion on my end). Kind of Koinly just trying to be too smart with tethered currency such as BUSD. It didn’t make sense that it would calculate a USD-linked currency to be a value other than the equiv. USD price at the time (better to check the BUSD value against price-history than just calculate it based on the withdrawal/swapped currency).

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