Binance Margin trades are untrackable

Describe the problem:
How does it make sense that I can tag transactions as “Loan Intrest”, but there is no way to tag them as “Borrowed from Exchange” or “Paid back loan”? I was considering paying for Koinly, but why would anyone do that if you don’t support margin trading on one of the biggest exchanges.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Binance Margin wallet and trades

How did you import data into this wallet?
API doesn’t import, you have to manually edit columns from Binance’s export to get it to load, but the amounts don’t add up correctly since you can’t record amounts as borrowed and repaid

What have you tried to fix this so far?
API import leads to incorrect wallet amounts as it doesn’t include margin wallet balance and ignores coin transfers between spot and margin wallets
CSV import doesn’t work with the file Binance provide, you have to manually edit it to get the trades to show up
Even then, balance transfers between spot and margin wallet don’t exist and it treats money borrowed or repaid as a “missing cost basis” - thus messing up the P&L


Yes this seems like an easy fix. I put in a similar ticket quiet a number of weeks ago with no response.
Hopefully you get one

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Same issue for me, margin trade import is a mess

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+1, this missing feature makes koinly very un-uusable :\

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Does anyone know another program that can import the margin data?

Binance API does have Margin data, they just haven’t programmed this in yet?

Also have the same issue.

I have a lot of binance margin trades (short positions and bought back), they even get imported into my account throught API, but the pnl calculation is a huge mess. Unfortunately I haven’t found a tool, that can deal with this yet. The situation is even worse with FTX, where short sells are not even recognized and instead I get errors, that I didnt buy the coin in advance.

I dont understand what the issue is, doesn’t seem like a big deal to me to do it correctly.

Hope someone can fix this soon.

There should be an exact explanation Wich reports to get and upload too.

There is borrow reports, repayment reports, trade reports, transaction reports and so on and so on for Binance margin. Please help!

I can’t believe Koinly is ignoring this. Huge problem!