Arbitrum ETH not recognized

Describe the problem:
Arbitrum API does not recognize ETH and tag it as “ETH (Unknown)”

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
Arbitrum wallet

How did you import data into this wallet?
API sync

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Issue on koinly’s side



Same here. It needs to get fixed. Koinly does not recognize bridging from L1 to L2 (Arbitrum)

i’m having the same issue, koinly isn’t picking up my arbitrum & celr bridge transactions, nor is it picking up uniswap use tx’s on arbitrum.


Alex from Koinly here :slight_smile:

Could you please send us an email at [email protected] so we can take a deeper look at this issue?

Thank you!

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I have sent an email about this issue but have not heard back. This is a universal issue among all Arbitrum users. Any updates on this? Without fixing this issue, the Arbitrum integration is just useless.

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Arbitrum integration is useless atm. bridging eth isn’t picked up. It may be worth while testing new integrations seriously before releasing them to the public. Just saying… And still rooting for you guys.

Hi Alexander! Any updates on this? As you can see everybody has the same issue, and honestly it’s a very major one. Without fixing it, the Arbitrum feature on Koinly is useless! Please keep us updated.

Seeing the same thing. ETH deposits and withdrawls are not being imported.


+1 to this. Not seeing a ‘deposit’ transaction from the initial bridge that could be used to link with the ‘send’ from my L1 transaction.

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Same here - any transactions that have incoming ETH (such as unwrapping WETH → ETH) do not show up for me after sync. Curiously enough, Arbiscan also has the same issue (or it just doesn’t show the ETH incoming).

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I’m also seeing the same. It seems that the bridging ETH to or out of Arbitrum isn’t recognised. I also noticed that Arbiscan doesn’t show the bridging transactions either.


I confirm the screenshot I gave on first post is a tx from an incoming bridge from Ethereum network to Arbitrum

I created a manual ETH sale in my arbitrum wallet, but instead of ETH and the amount on the exchange in my transaction list it is completely blank on both (just nothing there).

Same issue here. Bridging ETH isn’t picked up/ recognised. Hope this can be fixed soon for tax reporting season (end April).

@Alexander_Koinly Any updates on this this? This issue combined with the fact that gas fee is calculated wrong from the Arbitrum API (Arbitrum tx fees use wrong gas price) essentially makes the new, shiny Arbitrum integration unusable, as tax calculations are wrong :frowning:

Loving the product in general, so keeping my fingers crossed that this gets resolved soon.

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@Alexander_Koinly Any updates? The tax deadline is fast approaching!

I’m seeing the same, or perhaps a similar issue. Any bridged ETH from Ethereum (Metamask) to Arbitrum seems to have an extra “Send” transaction shortly after the initial bridge transaction, of the amount of bridged ETH. But that “Send” appears to just be an internal Arbitrum transaction or part of the bridging process.

This is resulting in every transaction thereafter giving “missing purchase history” flags.

I’m unable to manually merge those two bridge transactions, which would theoretically make sense.


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