API Related Issues - Update

Hey Guys,

We are looking at improving the way we handle API-related issues. At present, it’s not practical to open up a new forum post each time an API connection is not working.

The best and fastest way to get help in this situation would be to open a ticket with our support team on [email protected] or use the LiveChat function.

Some of the reasons why posting on the forums is not an effective method, is because our tech team need access to your account and wallet to a) reproduce the issue and b) troubleshoot further and carry out QA checks.

When you log an API issue via email, our support team escalates the ticket to our devs who then collect all the necessary info and then look to implement a fix. We will of course be getting better and pro-actively letting you guys know of known wallet issues.

Feedback is always welcome, we want to serve you guys better!

Ali :rocket: