[ADDED] Integration with crypto.com defi wallet

Hey guys

when can we expect koinly integration with crypto.com new defi wallet which they launched in march 2021 ?


I would like to know about this as well.


To be more precise: ADD Crypto.org (CRO) Chain Explorer

As the official CRO mainnet is launched, can you please add the CRO blockchain import
It is tracked on the mainnet chain explorer: https://crypto.org/explorer


I second this! Adding the Crypto.org Chain would be very useful.


I want this too, only oprion I see is to integrate manually

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Would like to see this also, just tried to add in cro i have in defi wallet and found i was unable to.

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Hey I developed a little Tool to get the transactions from Crypto.org Explorer.

You just need to input your CRO Address and select coinly and get an csv as Download with Koinly template.

URL: http://crypto.barkisoft.de


@songokahne, cool tool! Do you have source available?

Thanks for this, it’s a work around at least until Koinly implements native support.

What do you mean exactly?

I mean have you made the source code for your tool available, or is a proprietary thing?

I notice that I cannot get my CRO balance on Koinly to match the CRO balance on the Crypto.org explorer, neither you app nor my bookmarklet get it right. I wonder where the info is missing. Do you use the API to get your transaction history? I know that my bookmarklet is incorrect in that it does not deduct the 0.001 fee for a reward claim. At this point, rather than spending the time to fix it, I think it would just be better to deprecate it an use your tool.

When using my tool it get everything from the API. The only thing it can’t calculate is the bug when you send some Cro to validator you have Cro already in because this Withdraw that happens when you stake is not provided by the api at this moment.

Hi TYVM for this tool.
Once the csv file is download, I then upload it into the transactions for crypto.com wallet I have in Koinly ?

I wonder if there is any update on this, I would like support for crypto.org mainnet to be included

Yes just import it. Koinly will check for dublicates because for now my tool dont filter anything and always export everything from you Wallet.

Great tool, do you have something similar to for ATOM transactions in the Crypto.com DEFI ?

Sorry not until now. Since i dont own ATOM. Soon i will get some maybe i will look for it then and will improve this one :smiley:

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Not sure why but Koinly doesn’t seem to recognize the csv file. I entered my defi cro wallet address. I checked the csv file and the data doesn’t seem formatted properly. Everything’s in column A. Could that be why?

Did you open the file with Excel? Sometimes it restructure a csv file and this happens.

We have now added support for the CRO blockhain!

Please let us know if you encounter any issues :slight_smile: