Add ERC-721 NFT support

Currently ERC-721 tokens don’t seem to show up as transactions at all. I’m only getting the costs (fee) part of the transaction but not the deposit of the token. Can we get this type of token supported?



Thanks for your feedback.
It has been brought to our attention and is in the works for implementation.



This is great to hear, any rough eta on when this might roll out?

Any update on how this is going?

Hello Koinly Fam,

For NFTs you can use the Null1, Null2, and Null3 tokens in the coins list when you create a transaction. Null tokens can be used to represent NFT artwork or NFT land in Sandbox, anything basically. We are also currently working on improving this with native NFT support coming down the line on our product roadmap.

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Hi Anakin, NFT gaming is highly popular at the moment, Axie, Cryptoblades etc, any estimate of when NFT native support will be released? All transactions in the game like minting new weapon/character to get an NFT weapon/character, and contract execution (fight/battle) in the game are not properly recognized.

Yes, NFT transactions need to be supported and quickly. Many games, as rituspal mentioned, have a large volume of NFT transactions. Manual solutions are unworkable when you have 1200 transactions in a few weeks of gameplay.

I agree, autodetected NFT support is needed ASAP! With cryptogames becoming more popular it is, as mentioned above, getting more and more unmanagable doing things manually. Anyone timeline on when native NFT support will be ready? @Anakin_Koinly

EDIT: Or at least let us name them instead of using NULL1, NULL2, NULL3 etc. Gets a little bit hard to remember which NFT is which after a while :wink:

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There is a large issue with creating Null tokens to represent NFTS. When I manually change the ‘withdraw’ to ‘trade’ it assumes the full cost is the cost of the NFT (including the transaction fee) and I cannot override this.