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Hello Koinly,

hello, i bought a NFT on 12/19/21 using the cryptocurrency BNB and I claimed the
NFT on 1/29/22. The NFT on 1/29/22 is being shown as the WLC token, how do I
show that the transaction on 1/29/22 is being claimed for free. I already paid for the
NFT on 12/19/21. How do I correct or rectify the WLC to show that is free? Or how do I link
the transaction on 1/29/22 to the transaction 12/19/21 ? Please help.

Hi, i’m having an issue with HitBTC API not syncing due to a validation error. I’ve created an API, given trade and payment history authorisation, entered both api key and secret into Koinly, and it returns with an error saying “Validation error, Parameter from should be > 0 (400)”

Could anyone help me please?

Wallet: HitBTC (HitBTC)
Transactions: 0
Imported with: API

  1. Validation error, Parameter from should be > 0 (400)
  2. No transactions found

Did you ever get this resolved??? I’m having this same issue, and after several days of trying to resolve it I’m starting to panic.

It took 3 hrs last night for mine to update after I soft deleted 1 transaction. 3 freaking hours

Um, the graph in the center of my dashboard is the only thing accurate with gains cost basis value etc all seem correct to me for tax yr 2021. The “Breakdown” is totally lost on me showing total mumbo jumbo and the Tax Report shows huge capital gains?

This is not good. If the Tax Report reflected the the centre graph on dashboard I think I’d be good to go.

I’m late filing now so am a little panicked about all this.

Yeah. This needs to be addressed and fixed. Its still not done yet. We need esdts/mex/lkmex and maiarexhange/farming transactions to be included in koinly. Also seeing as elrond does multiple transactions in one tx way for them to read that data needs to be addressed aswell.

Since I live in Ontario I am unable to use the API to sync with Binance.

I have uploaded my transaction history with CSV files but Koinly says there are no transactions.

Can you help?

Wallet: Binance (Binance)
Transactions: 179976
Imported with: CSV

  1. No transactions found


I am new to Koinly so I have a question regarding having clients sign up so we can use this platform to make taxes easier.

Lets say we have clients sign up and invite us as an accountant to their platform. Do they need to pay for the subscription in order for us to access the tax reports, or can they use the free version, and because we will pay for the annual subscription on our own account, we can access the tax reports for the clients?

Or must the client also pay for a subscription in order for us as the accountant to access the tax reports for them?

Thanks for your help.

Having the exact same issue! Were you ever able to resolve?

Unfortunately I am quickly starting to feel that you are right. These crypto software companies promise a lot but sadly fail to deliver, all along taking in millions of dollars off members. From reading the hundreds of comments so far here, on YouTube and other sites, I am not at all confident. In the short time I have joined, I have already spent more than 15 hours in two days trying to sort out the data compatibility issues. A huge waste of time and stress and still not one step forward. My Crypto tax situation is a complete confusing complicated mess and I thought this was the answer. Nope.

I’ve made it to the step where i am generating my tax report, but the very first transaction on the tax report is a large sell transaction that I can’t find in my transaction history on the first day of the year, for coins it says I sold on Jan1, and acquired in November last year, but is also not appearing in my transaction history and wasn’t part of my filing last year (which I also used Koinly for). What might be causing this or do you have any recommendations for troubleshooting?