Ability to change COIN/TOKEN

Koinly does a good job in identifying coins/tokens but sometimes it makes mistakes.

I would like the ability to select the correct coin/token when they are misidentified.

For example. I have received an airdrop of 12,287 EVO tokens to my Ethereum account. I have managed to identify it as this token:

It truly is a crap token and the only exchange I can find it on is ForkDelta where 12,287 EVO tokens are worth about AUD 1.90. The last sale was 99 days ago.

Koinly seems to have identified it as a Tron based token as it launches the Tron block explorer when the transaction id is clicked on. I don’t know which one. Koinly gives a current valuation of AUD 2,856.

As you can see, the value given is wildly inaccurate and distorts the portfolio value and ROI.

A 2nd example in CNX. There was an airdrop to the ethereum address. It is this token:

This ERC20 token could be swapped to the CNX blockchain for a period but this window has closed quite some time ago. The ERC20 token is thus worthless. Koinly gives the value of the CNX token on the Crytonex chain as AUD 2,485.

I can see 3 improvements here.

  1. As the airdrop transaction is an autosync from an Ethereum address, then the possible tokens should be limited to tokens on the ethereum blockchain.
  2. The user should have the ability to select the correct token.
  3. Where the correct token is not on the list, then the ability to add custom tokens should exist.

To add to this. There should be a sh*t token option. Or better a choice to mark it as a loss due to zero market trading and/or zero value.