Your column names don't match the template columns

Same thing I do every year that always works.

I download my turbo tax online CSV file.

Upload to Turbo Tax Online.

Then boom I’m done. Except this year I am getting this error - “Your column names don’t match the template columns”

I dont have a clue how to edit this file to fix this stuff, which is why I pay koinly like 130 bucks every year. Can someone help?


I found out how to do it.

When you add the CSV don’t pick the “other csv” upload just do the "Other"

It should upload it.

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Thank you so much! Can’t believe I missed that.

I wound up using the .txf file wjth turbo tax desktop. Ugh. That software isn’t great at all, but I was able to import a txf file with absolutely zero issues.

I’m glad I can go back to TurboTax online next year. You saved me a lot of trouble!