XRPL not updating since Dec 5th

Describe the problem:
XRPL wallets are not updating and have not since Dec 5th; no errors.

Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?

How did you import data into this wallet?
API Sync

What have you tried to fix this so far?
Delete wallet and recreate, now nothing is being pulled in, no errors.


Update with error code:

  1. [525]

An error occured while trying to sync this wallet. You can try to sync again or contact support if the error persists.


Having the same issue with my XUMM wallet. Valid XRP address with balance not being pulled in.

Can we get this looked into soon?


I am having the same issue. I have disabled the Koinly XRPL API & re-enabled it. I am trying to sync Xumm transactions. The last XUMM transaction Koinly captured was on Dec 12, 2022. I have have a few transaction since & they are captured in my Xumm events.

Koinly DOES give a red errors of:
" Date can’t be blank. Date is invalid"
and it changed to
API Error: Something went wrong while syncing, try again in a few minutes or contact support


I’m also getting the " Date can’t be blank. Date is invalid" error. Multiple XRP wallets with the same issue.

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Koinly people said on another post that they are aware of XRPL sync issues and were going to work on it. I’m not sure they have their soul in it to be honest. I’m already looking to move on to a more reliable system. Sad really.

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I am having the same issue with a XRPL address on my ledger… Whats going on?

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Well I have the issue as well and was in contact with the support. They said they put my account to the list of affected accounts and will notify when resolved. This has been ongoing for quite a while by now! Considering added the transactions manually but or switching to another service.


XRP is the 6th ranked crypto currency on coin market cap. How can Koinly not support this popular blockchain? Whassup? It worked fine for doing last year’s taxes, but something broke. Currently can’t sync XRP wallets.


Having the same sync problem with my xrp wallets.
This all seems to have started (for me) about the time the xrp ledger was updated to allow nft’s.
Really hoping they can fix this before taxes are due.

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I ended up just importing my wallet transactions. Kind of a pain but it got it done… Needs fied

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