Wrong Coin, identical name is being pulled (BOB coin)


when implementing Poloniex AND Huobi Transactions via API, the wrong BOB coin info is being pulled.

Instead of the meme coin ‘BOB’, the coin ‘BOB’s repair’ is being pulled with a completely different value.

Both use the same ticker however prices differ greatly, therefore creating false results in Koinly.

The correct Bob token is this, priced at around 0.00004$:

The wrong token is this, priced at around 0.004 $

I have tried to re-sync Poloniex and Huobi exchange again as well as deleting all tx and re-adding the exchanges, without success.

Could you please change this in your backend as there is no possibility for me to change it?

Thank you

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Hi @Thomas_Chapman,

Welcome to the Discuss community and thank you for highlighting that wrong BOB coin is being represented in Koinly!

Would you please connect with our support team and request that you be linked with our currency team to make this coin change? Thank you for providing the etherscan listed price and the CMC link. The currency team will need this to fix this issue.

Thank you again for helping us evolve, Thomas!

Have an awesome day!

Sorry. Your link only connects to the koinly main website … seems to be an error

With whom should i connect??

Hi @Thomas_Chapman!

Thank you for letting me know! I’ve edited the link to the support team, though it’s still opening as the main website page.

Here is the email contact: [email protected]

And here is our contact page to all departments: https://koinly.io/contact/

Have an awesome day, Thomas!

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