Withdrawals from exchange classified as disposal?

Perusing my list of transactions i realised that a Withdrawal of Zill tokens from Binance to a personal Wallet (say Atomic Ziliqa) created a profit and is added to the Capital Gains/Loss calculation in the tax report summary (free plan)…is this right? Does a withdrawal from an exchange to a personal wallet constitute a taxable event/disposal in the UK? Shouldn’t this be classified as a Transfer instead by Koinly?

Binance → Zil atomic wallet was classified as Withdrawal with profit/loss figure attached.
Binance → Ada exodus wallet was classified as Transfer…

Why the difference?!

Thanks !

You need to add your Zill wallet as a managed wallet. If there is no API support for Atomic Ziliqa yet, then you just have to create an empty wallet and manually manage the transactions that go to/from it. Koinly is saying you sold it because the coins left one of your wallets that Koinly monitors, thus it is a “sale”. If you create a Zill wallet, then that Zill remains in your possession from Koinly’s perspective and it gets listed as a transfer.