Which chains and exchanges can we have for 2023 tax report?

Hi all and thanks Koinly for the best tax reporting site I have tried (out of 3 so far).

I want to be ready for 2023s tax session as soon as possible, and I wonder how we can suggest which exchanges to incorporate in the Koinly report next year. Is there an official Koinly.io survey for us users anywhere? If not, then this post is just my suggestions for integrations next year. As we all know the crypto space is moving at an insane speed, and I already am using exchanges that I never have used before for staking and farming, even though I promised myself not to :slight_smile: it is just too many opportunities to miss in this space.

THORSWAP - I think Thorchains Thorswap is the most important DEX of all, and with v2 the site have really become much more user-friendly, even though liquidity is super low right now. Since I use Thorswap with my Ledger, I would think adding Ledger accounts to Koinly would be sufficient. If that is so, I hope by next year we have full support for Cosmos and ATOM token, Thorchain with RUNE and THOR tokens, as well as the other (big name) cryptos used on Thorswap

CRONOS - I hope we can use VVS in Koinly next year as it is the biggest DEX on CRONOS (Crypto.com official defi chain). The APYs on VVS is just too juicy to keep your funds out. I hope I won’t regret it when tax season comes next year.

What other exchanges will be the most important for you next year?

Bitgert Chain ,BRC20 ,which the amazing Sphynx Labs operate from. Im surprised that the very popular VELAS VLX20 hasnt been added yet either

Hey guys!

Awesome suggestions already!

We have a dedicated webpage for feedback from users. You can also search for upcoming integrations and vote for/create new ones too. :slight_smile: