Voyager Transactions via Blockchain Addresses

Describe the problem:
Voyager Syncing and tracking is not implemented yet. Not sure when it will be.
Which exchange/wallet is this regarding?
How did you import data into this wallet?
Option for importing is via csv, but this doesn’t sync and track.
What have you tried to fix this so far?Preformatted text
Question: As an alternative to csv importing, couldn’t I just add the Blockchain Addresses into Koinly of each crypto held in Voyager and track them that way?

Tried it, doesn’t work. This topic can be deleted (not sure how).

export the voyager transanctions and import to koinly. it works good .

how did you export the transactions from Voyager?

open a ticket with their customer service for tax records and they will send u the relevant .csv file for koinly import

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