Updating your gains

After a day of use the system would “Update Your Gains” each time I changed data. Usually just a minute or two. I paid for a subscription and started to track down issues with my transactions. I have been waiting for two hours for it to Update your gains. It seems stuck. I hope this is not how this is going to go with this platform or it is going to take until next tax season to do this years taxes.
Any ideas on why it is stuck updating gains? I have tried a different browser but my guess is this is a server problem

My understanding is that they have had a surge of users and their servers are struggling. You could ignore the updating and carry on doing the changes you need, though not as convenient as you can’t verify each gain as you do it. Today, I couldn’t list my transactions for a while, it timed out. You could also come back later and they may well all be up to date and ready to go, though one time I had to wait about 3 days! It is far from ideal and the lack of koinly engagement is worrying.

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What source of information do you use? I have seen little interaction and communication here and even on their social media platforms. Does the “live chat” still exist? If so, where?

Thank you. It did eventually recover. I have started to noticed that although it says to refresh the page the refresh does not seem to completely show all changes. I have noticed that items will change status over a few hours and additional information is updated even if I am not making changes.
I do like Koinly, I tried some of the other systems but Koinly is slow. But it does seem to do a pretty good job of stitching transfers and swaps together. But again just slow.
Thanks again for the response.

Yes, I see an online chat box, bottom right when using the koinly app, do you not see it? Anders does reply in there occasionally and says they are swamped with support requests.


THX! Didn’t notice it was ad-blocked